AyaNova   Other Features

Support and Items with Core Value (2)
Deleted a Customized Field (7)
Unlimited banked service (2)
Multiple service addresses (7)
Multiple occurrances of same records in head-offices after upgrade (6)
Client Account Numbers (4)
A Unit of Units (3)
How do I find a client quickly (5)
Tax Codes - need to create new and make inactive old (1)
Unique serial numbers on loaned items (2)
rates as half hour instead of hour (2)
Multiple currency (7)
Service Contracts & Banked Hours - how to zero out at end of month (2)
Can't locate Tax Codes grid (3)
Client Data Inconsistency new clients & headoffices not available to all (10)
Is it possible to edit the Client entry Screen? (2)
Client data (7)
Disappearing Client (1)
Unit Model - Field Display Inconsistency (3)
Time format in Work Orders - 12 versus 24 hour format (7)
Labour Rates and Customers ... (6)
Wish to be able to edit or delete Banked Service Entires (4)
Unit search at main screen & Delete button smaller or not next to exit & Units in client-screen (7)
About Loaners and Rental (5)
Vendor Type (2)
Search Database does not return records where data is selected from drop down lists (1)
Enter and store labor rate with workorder (5)
Zeroing out unused Banked Service hours (4)
Adjusting pane size in work order view (5)
Contracts &/or Preventative Maintenance Expiry Tracking by Unit (4)