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I’m looking for the ‘Best Practices’ when setting up Clients.

As a Property Management company,theclient name leasing a property may change, but the building,parts & historyof equipment at the property remain the same.

Would like the repairs & maintenance of equipment & building to retain history. How would you recommend setting up the Client within AyaNova?

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Hi Gladys

It may be suggested that you set up each property as the “client” in AyaNova, with the building and its equipment as “units” owned by that property.

And you set up your client that is leasing the property as a “head office” - selected as the Head Office for that property during the lease (in the Client entry screen).

Do note also that you can localize AyaNova to reflect this. For example, localize Clients and Client in a custom locale as Properties and Property. Refer to the AyaNova Help sections “Localized Text Designer” and tutorials on localizing and assigning it to AyaNova users.

This way, when you create a service workorderyou select the actual property where service is to be performed, and than can select the actual equipment or building from within the service workorder that requires the specific service.

And this way, when the customer that is leasing the property changes, you can change the Head Office in the clients entry screen.

You might also be interested in the sample report template from the Service grid which shows the “Head Office” name and address when printing out a completed workorder report

  • Joyce


Hi Joyce -

I noticed there is an Import utility for Client, is there also one avail for Head Office?

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No sorry - we provide the three free utilities ImportPartCSV, ImportUnitCSV and ImportClientCSV - we have not created a utility to import Head Offices

  • Joyce


Hi Joyce -

In testing & trying to set this up, I notice that as I create a Service Order I would only see the Company Name (Created as the Head Office) when I choose the Client button on the Service Order. In the Service Grid I can show the Head Office Field, so once the Order has been created, we will be able to see the field.

Is there a way to be able to view the Head Office when creating a Service Order? How about on the main WorkOrder entry screen?

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A service workorder is made for the “Client” - not the Head Office.

You can view who is the Head Office for the client from the Service Workorder grid as you say, and from within the service workorder itself by clicking on the “Client” jump button which opens the client’s entry screen and seeing what is selected in the Head Office field.

We also have a sample report template available from Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum that shows the Head Office name and postal address for billing if you are interested in that too. It is available for download from the topic

  • Joyce


Thanks for confirming, I’ll set up more of my test data into Client & see how that works.

Have a happy bunny day.