Client Work Order Customization


Running 6.1 of WBI and Ayanova. Setting up WBI and all working fine, but just wondering if it is possible to customize the Client Work Order screen with different fields. When I log in with a user id it shows a list of the work orders as it should, but I would also like the Service Notes field to be showing on that screen as that is the info they are most interested in and they don’t need to go into individual reports that way.

Any suggestions on how this is possible?




Hi Dean

What columns show when a client logs in via WBI is hard coded - you can not add additional columns such as the Service Notes from workorder items to show.

You decide what additional data you allow your client to see by thereport template that you have set up that shows when a client clicks on a workorder number - as some service companies may not want to show Service Notes, and others will want to. So whatever report template you select, you will have it include the Service Notes datafield such as the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total report template for example.

  • Joyce