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Hi Joyce,

I’m back to pick your brain about a nettlesome problem I’ve run into.

When I start a new work order, the “Close by Date” is automatically filled in and the field is a light gray. On occasion I need to set a different date and I am unable to do so. Being a good AN user, I read the AN Manual and User Guide and read that if I go to Administration - Global Settings - and set the work order stale age to zero, the “Close by Date” should be modifiable.

Well, it hasn’t worked out that way, so I’m turning to she who is all knowing to give me guidance and enlightenment. :wink: How do I get the “Close by Date” field to let me change the date?




Hi Ian

NOTE : The Global Settings field for theWorkorder Stale Age (minutes)is where you pre-set how far in advance the Close By Date field in a workorder will be autoamtically set from todays date . If you enter in 0, that means no Close By Date is entered. This setting does not affect the ability for a user to edit this field. Ability to edit etc is set by a security group right.

If the Close By Date in a service workorder entry screen is grayed out - that means you as an AyaNova user do not have rights to edit that field. That means that the AyaNova security group you are a member of does not have Read/Write rights to Object.WorkorderService.CloseByDate

-Log in as the AyaNova Adminstrator, or a user who is also a member of the security group “AyaNova Administrators”
-Go to the Users grid and determine what security group your username is set to use
-Go to the Security Group grid, and edit that security group so that Object.WorkorderService.CloseByDate has at minimum Read/Write rights, save
-Make sure you as this AyaNova user have exited out of AyaNova and logged back in so that now the Close By Date in a workorder entry screen will be editable by you and any other user that is part of that security group

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Hi Joyce,

Many thanks. Your guidance (as usual) was right on the mark. :Wow:



You are very welcome Ian

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