External WBI Access failing... COM Server error showing


I have an issue with my web server that has shown up as of late. I have gone through all kinds of documents trying to find a solution and have come to a wall. Below is the error showing when anyone attempts to log-in outside of our LAN. Access from inside the LAN are problem free and smooth as ice as always!! Users outside the network are using cellular connected iPads. The system has worked flawlessly until recently after a server restart.

******* ERROR MSG START *******

The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID
to the user IIS APPPOOL\ASP.NET v4.0 SID (S-1-5-82-794271414-2547205055-1060673776-2579641347-304524694) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

******* ERROR MSG END ********

I have attempted to go to the Component Services admin tool and find the ID shown… it is not in the list so I cannot change the security settings. I have re-installed AyaNova, The WBI, and the application service in an attempt to clear the error. All reinstalls were direct from the site and are up-to-date. The error persists, any suggestion as to what is happening or how I can get the service working again? Any help or input appreciated you guys are always amazing. Thanks in advance.



Hmmm Haven’t seen that error myself, and not finding any other posts with this error message in the AyaNova Support Forum to be able to provide what was the solution for others.

I did a search online for that error message which the solution is also in the error message, to edit the security permission using the Component Services administrative tool.

I also found in the searches, that some people have written that they too could not find the CLSID and APPID listed in the Component Services administrative tool.

Responses to those say to :

  1. find the CLSID in the registry
  2. the the AppID is listed in the registry entry with that CLSID.
  3. You can then match up the relevant DCOM Application ID when looking at the list in the Component Services administrative tool and set the permissions as needed.
    Such as per the steps of http://kb4sp.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/fixing-the-dcom-error-the-application-specific-permission-settings-do-not-grant-local-activation-permission-for-the-com-server-application-with-clsid/ (this URL is provided as an example, we have not encountered the error ourselves to know if this solution posted resolves it or not)

We would also suggest searching online along with details of your configuration (i.e. operating system, 32bit or 64bit, )to find specifics for your specific configuration.

Would be great to have you post back once you have edited the security permissions as the error states to do, providing details on what you did, where, how. And identifying what was changed and done on the server prior to when the server was restarted that resulted in this error (i.e. something installed like Sharepoint, something that changed configuration of something else, etc)

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just wanted to post some type of reply to this thread. We are still attempting to figure out the issue. We have done a COMPLETE server rebuild that included a complete removal of windows and all programs and a full reinstall and even still the error persists. We are not sure what to do at this point… The issue seems to be referring to DCOM application “IIS WAMREG Admin Service” mostly. We have followed all available solutions online and cannot seem to clear the error. We will keep you posted with any developments.