Known issue if attempt to import parts with negative onhand amounts into QB using QBI


It has come to our attention that the following can occur. We are listing this here for your information.

One or more AyaNova parts have negative On Hand amounts
Attempt to perform an import of parts into QuickBooks from AyaNova via QBI
Error message results “There was an error when saving Item Inventory list element Quickbooks error message: Invalid date specified Code 3180”

When QBI imports parts into your QuickBooks, QBI will also import the total of On Hand amounts from all AyaNova warehouses for that part
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But QuickBooks will not allow negative onHand amounts. So errors when you attempt to import.

Display your Part Inventory grid in your AyaNova, filter to show all parts with OnHand amounts < 0
Create Part Adjustments for those parts, adding to inventory to set to the actual amount of parts on hand.
Now you can import using QBI.