Purchase Order Shipping


When we create a Purchase Order to order parts we subsequently have to pay Carriage costs (shipping) to our suppliers. Do you have any ideas how we can show this on the Purchase Request / Purchase Order. I have looked at adding the Custom Field to the Inventory>Purchase Orders screen but if I create a new Purchase Order I cannot edit or see a Custom Field box.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi Ian

Custom Fields first have to be set up via the Custom Field Design in the Administration navigation pane so that they will show for the object you set them for.

For an overview of this, follow along the How do I…? steps in the AyaNova 5 Help file section (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) I do encourage you to follow along performing all of the steps so that you go over all that is needed to set upo custom fields for an object.

If any questions after reviewing and following along with the tutorial, do let me know.

  • Joyce

Once again!!! Thank you for your support Joyce.

Its quite simple when you find the right box…lol