Reoccurring workorder.

Is there a way that I can create a work order automatically go to the next day if it remains unassigned for the current day?m Right now I am copying over work orders that aren’t completed from that day, to the next and would really like it to be automated.

Does Ayanova have such an option?

Hi JCGee, this is a feature that is on developments list to look into. At this time, no there is not the ability to automatically have the scheduled item move to another day if not assigned.

A couple suggestions at this time so you can easily and quickly see if there are any unassigned scheduled items is either or both of the following:

  1. In the Schedule screen, use your mouse to select the previous day, and hold the CTRL key while selecting todays date too.
    This way you see both days and can easily drag and drop the unassigned scheduled items to a new day as needed.

  2. From the Scheduled User’s grid, filter on the User’s column selecting [Blanks]. Save this filter so that you can quickly and easily just select it to see at a glance if there are any scheduled items that have not been assigned.

  • Joyce

Thank you Joyce, that works for the ticket not grabbed.

What about setting up a feature for a job to reoccur every certain amount of days/months? Boss wants me to find out how to make a job, then have it appear every 6 months from the initial date. Was telling me there is a server side app that runs to achieve that. Can you point me in the right direction regarding this?

Certainly JCGee, you would make a Preventive Maintenance order once, with settings so that a service workorder is generated from it every 6 months - see overview at

You will need the Generator running so that the service workorder is generated - see
If any questions, let me know what configuration you have - stand-alone, network Firebird Server, SQL Express, etc
Also include copy of ayalog.txt file as will show me your configuration, your version, etc

What I recommend is that afer reviewing those links above, is that you follow along with the tutorial which will walk you through the steps and fields of a PM how to create to familiarize.

Any questions afterwards, let me know!

  • Joyce