Transfering Inventory Quantity to QB



We have input our inventory into Ayanova. How do we get the quantity into QB. As a test I received a PO and the quantity did show up in QB but when I do adjustments it does not.


Mark Crum


Hi Mark

The optional add-on QBI does not have the feature to import inventory quantity between AyaNova and QuickBooks.

The optional add-on QBI can import/export clients, parts, rates, vendors; update data in linked clients and parts;and invoice the billable items in an AyaNova workorder into a QuickBooks invoice.

If you wish to track inventory quantityin QuickBooks while doing purchase orders and receiving via AyaNova, you will have to manually enter part quantity into QuickBooks.

Do review the QBI Help file section Most AyaNova users will use AyaNova’s inventory features, and not track part quantity in QuickBooks.

  • Joyce