WBi only shows workorder created from servicecall clients


WBi only shows workorder created from servicecall clients

So if a workorder is created from the ayanova program by an technician it will not show for the client in their WBI.

How can we change it, what should be the correct settings.


All workorders to date for a client will show via WBI, sorted in descending order by the newest workorder number listed first.

If workorders for this specific client are not showing, it may be because your client has selected to show only Open workorders as per http://www.ayanova.com/wbi7clientwebHelp/viewing_all_open_and_closed_wo.htm

Or possibly because your client has filtered what workorders show as per http://www.ayanova.com/wbi7clientwebHelp/filtering.htm

I would also recommend double-checking that the workorders in question were definitely created for THIS client, as only workorders created for the specific client shows.

Do let us know

  • Joyce


Dear Joyce,

It’s not the solution for us.
We have disabled a lot of security settings, and now a customer can only see workorders which are created from a servicecall he created.
All other workorders, old, or created by a technician from within ayanova desktop are not visible for the customer in WBI.

How can we change this, without turning off security settings, and showing every workorder including old history.



I believe there has been a misunderstanding of what I wrote in my post. And possibily a misunderstanding of what actually is going on.

If you are referring to WBI and a client with remote access, security settings have nothing to do with whether your client can see all workorders or just workorders created from service calls your technician has created. What determines whether a client can see all or some of their own workorders when logged in via WBI is based on that client’s own filter settings in the workorder grid when that client is logged in.

Let’s get specific details from you to ensure no mis-assumptions made and that we understand exactly what is going on to provide a recommendation:

  1. Because the following information is private, send via email to support@ayanova.com, referencing this AyaNova Support post
    WBi-only-shows-workorder-created-from-servicecall-clients When resolved via email, I can than come back and identify in here for any others that experience similar what the resolution was.

  2. What is the Client Name exactly as typed within AyaNova?

  3. What is the technician name exactly of the technician who created these service calls for this client that you are referring to?

  4. What workorder numbers specifically does the client ONLY see right now ?

  5. What workorder numbers SHOULD the client be able to see?

  6. Provide your WBI URL so that I can bring up the login window

  7. Provide your AyaNova Administrator login name and password - so that I can log in and find all workorders for this client you provide the number for, and confirm that they are all for this specific client, and see anything else about this client’s workorders.

  8. Provide your client’s login name and password so that I can log in as that client to bring up its Client WBI and see exactly what your client sees.

  • Joyce


Wanted to update this in the event anyone else experiences similar:

Although didn’t receive the requested information, did receive further information and now understand that what is happening is this:

The previous posts gave the impression your client could see SOME workorders, BUT actually your client can NOT see ANY workorders if you set all objects in that client’s security group to Forbidden except Object.ClientServiceRequest
Whereas if you set as this, your client can ONLY see the workorder #, but NO workorder details because they do not have access to the report or workorder data.

If instead you set the client’s security group settings for Object.Workorder and Object.Report to Read Only, then your client CAN click on the workorder # which will open to a report showing ONLY the workorder data you want them to (because YOU set which report template clients are to access their workorder data via)

In the email, this service company stated that they want their client to only see workorder data for workorders between a certain date range.

There is not a way to restrict clients to seeing only workorders between certain dates.

Either your clients can see ALL of their own workorders details via the report template you set (specifically Object.Workorder and Object.Report to Read Only)
Or your client can NOT SEE ANY of their own workorders details except the workorder # (specifically Object.Workorder and Object.Report set to Forbidden)

And your client CAN filter to show only open, or closed and open workorders, as well as filter on the available grids to show only workorder records based on their filtering.
See http://www.ayanova.com/wbi7clientwebHelp/viewing_all_open_and_closed_wo.htm and http://www.ayanova.com/wbi7clientwebHelp/filtering.htm for examples of these.

Will certainly pass your suggestion onto development to look into for a future version, but there is not a way presently to restrict clients via WBI to seeing their workorders that only fall between certain dates.

  • Joyce