WBI over https only?



I’d like to provide access to WBI pages only using https (with SSL encryption) because I have a customer with strong security requirements
Can this be done and how?



Yes it certainly can be done, SSL is a function of the web server, not AyaNova, for example see our sample WBI installation on our own IIS server which has a certificate installed and https enabled:


SSL / TLS is enabled at the Microsoft IIS web server, not AyaNova WBI itself which doesn’t have any special requirements or settings for encryption as that happens a layer below AyaNova at the web server.

How to procure and install an SSL certificate and enable SSL on an IIS web server is beyond the scope of the support we provide however to get your started I did a quick search and came across this article from Microsoft which might help get you going on what you will need to do:

Also be aware that SSL certificates need to be purchased from a certificate issuing authority and can be pricey however there is a new industry sponsored certificate authority which has been started up recently in an attempt to get everyone to start using encryption and they will be issuing free certificates in the very near future possibly in early November so if you have a bit of time before you need to implement this might be of interest:



Sorry for the late reply…

this is what I suspected. I’ll take the time to do it in the near future.

I think I can to use a self signed certificate to provide the encryption even if the user receives a warning, right?