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Thread: Version 7.2 release imminent!

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    Version 7.2 release imminent!

    Version 7.2 of AyaNova is coming.

    There are some cool new features and user experience improvements however there are no breaking changes to the API.
    That being said this is *not* a hot fix and the version of the business object library will be changed.

    This means you will need to rebuild your projects against the v7.2 business object library if you have users that will need to user your project with the new AyaNova when it's released to the general public.

    If you are in this situation and would like an advance copy to build and test against before general release please contact support.

    If you have any questions related to development and the new release feel free to post them in this message thread.

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    Re: Version 7.2 release imminent!

    Thanks for informing us about the newer version of the Ayanova. I think It is a comprehensive and reliable software that will help users to manage all aspects of a service.I have used this for scheduling the work orders.It has nice features.

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