Adjusting Workorders created for the wrong Client

There are some situations that may exist where workorders are created for individual customers that are independant companies that are owned by a single company. It can be easy for a technician to create and complete a workorder under the wrong customer in this case. Is there a way to copy or move the workorder to the correct customer, without recreating the whole order? We can copy workorder items within the same customer but not to another.

Hi Dataserv

You can copy (or move if more than one workorder item in the service workorder) workorder items from one workorder to another workorder IF for the exact same client.

You can not copy or move to a service workorder for a different client. The client is selected before the workorder is actually created, because specific settings and selections are based on the client, such as what rates to display, what units are own by that client, the contract applied to that client, etc.

You would need to do as you wrote - create a new workorder completely if the original workorder was selected for an incorrect client.

A suggestion to ensure that your technicians are selecting the correct client, is to enter more details in the Client Finder so that they are sure they are selecting the correct client - see

  • Joyce