Applying multiple conditions to a single filter for a grid

The AyaNova navigation pane grids provide many ways to display the exact data desired.

One way is to utilize custom filter criteria to apply multiple conditions - for example, if you want to display service workorders for clients that are not in a number of different dispatch zones.

In this example, our fictional company has many different Dispatch Zones andthe AyaNova user wants to only view workorder records in the Service Workorder grid that are NOT the dispatch zone Subury East AND also NOT the dispatch zone Subury North

To do this, the AyaNova user will create a (Custom) filter on the Dispatch Zone column that will have two conditions:

  1. Not equal to Subury East

  2. And not equal to Subury North

  3. From the Dispatch Zone column select the filter icon to drop down selections and select b[/b]

  1. This opens the Filter Criteria editing window for this column

  2. Select an Operator of Does Not Equal to and a Operand of Subury East

  3. Select the Add a condition button

  4. Select an Operator of Does Not Equal to and a Operand of Subury North

  5. The And Condition is checkmarked

  6. Select OK button to apply

  1. Now the Service workorders grid will display records where the dispatch zone is not equal to Subury East and also not equal to Subury North.

Custom filters conditions allow you to set many conditions including NOT EQUAL TO, EQUAL TO, STARTS WITH or ENDS WITH and many more.

We encourage also referring to the AyaNova v3 Manualon filtering grids in “Tutorial; Using a Custom Filter to Filter Grids” starting on page 96