Attaching bitmap or other files


i would really like to be able to attach a scanned report in order to have a signature on file. the way i see it would be, i scan a hand written report that has the customers signature on it and save it as a jpeg or bitmap or whatever and when i open the workorder i can attach that file to the workorder and be able to print out that scanned file whenever i need proof of service. it would also be helpful to keep records of damaged machines or any other pictures or documents related to the workorder. like vibration plots or other things. let me know


Documents can be associated with Clients, HeadOffices, Contracts, Vendors, Units, Unit Models, Parts, Rentals, Service Workorders, Quotes, Preventive Maintenance and AyaNova Users.

Documents will be very easy to associate - just drag and drop, browse to the location or by type in the location.

Documents will be very easy to view just by selecting the attached document.

And not just document files such as a MSWord or text file can be associated, but also email addresses, web site addresses, program executables, folders (useful if you have a large number of documents pertaining to a client), music files, graphic files such as bitmaps as you have indicated and more

FORUM NOTE: check out the latest AyaNova feature - Wiki - for even more attachment options