AyaNova 3.x - If error running CE Import even before select the AyaNova CE database file

If you encounter the following error when first running the AyaNova 3.x CE Import utility - even before you select the AyaNova CE database file:

This can be caused by any of the following issues:

-The AyaImport.exe.config file does not exist
-The AyaImport.exe.config file is not the same as the AyaNova.exe.config file - it is not pointing towards the same configuration as the AyaNova.exe.config file - please refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual’s Import Steps regarding the AyaImport.exe.config file
-The AyaNova v3 program is running -there can be NO access of the AyaNova v3 database when the import is occurring. DO not have any one running the AyaNova v3 program, nor be running the Event Generator, and if using the AyaNovaDP shut off this service to ensure no access during the import.