AyaNova v3 and Windows 2003 SP1

Please be advised that there is an intermittentissue with AyaNova v3 (ayanova.exe file date 01/24/2006) and Windows 2003 that has SP1 installed.

We are researching the issue and will be posting information as soon as possible.

<Support Note: Issue no longer occurs with latest version of AyaNova v3)

If this is in reference to the install issue where the cachedtemp folder containing the ayanova.msi is deleted please let me know. We have a relatively easy work around for Windows SBS 2003 w/SP1.


Hello Mike

Could you tell us about this issue with “cached temp folder containing the ayanova.msi is deleted” - what error does it give, and what you found to address is?

That would be great.

Regarding Windows 2003 SP1, we are able to reproduce an error that is occurring for some Windows 2003 SP1 users that we are working on addressing - it results in an error message :

Hi Joyce,

What I was running into was after I had run the initial ayanova install process (pg 21 in manual) on our server, logged into ayanova successfully on the serverto verify ayanova was functioning, then logout and installed firebird server and modified the Config file and alias file,then try to log back into Ayanova - recieved message that ayaynova.msi was needed. Following the path referenced in the error - the temp directory that the application had created to house the .msi file no longer existed. This could totally be an anomally on our server as I banged my head against it for an hour and started looking through the forum for people who were having the same issue and found no posts.

Luckily I am smart enough to hire young guys who are smarter than I am, and my lead was able to overcome this problem rather easily. (smart alek kids these days!! - I love em!!). Does this give you enough info? I can get much more in depth if needed as to the exact steps taken to produce the issue and to resolve it.

Hi again

What did your young guy do to address the message that was coming up?

Hi Joyce,

He blew all of the prior install stuff out and started the install from scratch, at the beginning of the basic install (first splash screen of install routine) he went into the default temp file directory on the server(%temp%) and grabbed the installation files cached there. Moved them to a directory that he created, canceled the initial install and re-initiated it from the directory that he had created and copied the installation files to. At that point even after changing the Alias and Config file, the system had a permanent location in which to look for the .msi etc. and the install completed with no further issues. I imagine we didn’t run into this with the beta install because of the absence of the Firebird server install. Once the config and alias files are adjusted the app wants to reference the .msi file because of or to verify the changes made, correct?

I want to be able to reproduce getting the message but after installing the default, and than installing the Firebird, and than editing the config and alias files, my test installation here of the AyaNova program does not respond with such a message regarding that the msi file has been deleted.

Was the AyaNova v3 program directory moved after install?

Were you logged in as the same computer administrator for installing AyaNova and installing the network FireBird?

Hi Joyce,

No the program directory was not moved, and we were logged in under the domain Admin acct forinstall of AN and Firebird.As I said, it is entirely possible that this wasan anomalyon our server. Because the installation of AN3 on our serveris now a “production” version I can’t log onto it and recreate the issue. I will have one of the techs set up an instance of virtual server and try to reproduce it. The hard part there is recreating an identical environment.If we can do that, we can setup a remote session with you, if you would like, so you can watch as we reproduce the error. As I am sure I don’t have to tell you, if we are unable to reproduce the error (and the subsequent solution) it falls into the black hole of “intermittent” or “environment specific” error. :w00t: I would say that from the lack of other people bringing this up on the forum that it is a very isolated issue.

Gotta love those “intermittent” errors eh? :smiley:

They are the bane of any computer or software company.

Its OK - don’t get your guys to spend any more time on it.

Thank you for posting about it so that anyone else that does experience it can post here about what was done, the environment, etc.

And thank you for posting how your peoplegot around it.

Not a problem! Hopefully it is of some use down the road! I have several other things that I am going to post on, so maybe we’ll get to use your big brains yet today!!