Can I change the format within currency fields to allow three digits after the decimal point?

For example, you may buys parts or sell parts at half cents - i.e $0.005 each

If using the standard Windows setting of 2 digits after the decimal, you could only enter in the part cost as beinng $0.01

Just as the date format, the currency format, and the time format is dictated by your computer’s system settings (AyaNova v3 Manualsection “Currency, Date and Time Display and Selection” starting on page 67)so too is the number of digits to display after the decimal point.

To change currency fields, open Control Panel -> Regional Settings -> change for the currency No. of digits to use after decimal to 3

Reboot the computer.

Now when you run AyaNova, it will display currency fields with 3 decimal places so you can enter in amounts that use less than a penny.

If printing reports still displays using 2 digits, you will need to customize the report to format the string to display taking the computer’s system settings, instead of a set setting.