Can't seem to load WBI

Has anyone gotten this message, or have any idea what I am missing. I have gone over and over the steps in the WBI online manual. I am having login failure.<H2>WBI was unable to start, most likely this is due to a configuration error.</H2>

Double check your settings in the web.config file as outlined in the documentation.
The error message is:

<SPAN “COLOR: red”>Cannot open database “AyaNova” requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user ‘AYANOVA\ASPNET’.</SPAN>


I did a search on the Internet for the error you received (except for the words AyaNova) and came up with this first:

Is your AyaNova database SQL?

In the WBI version 3 Web.Config configuration file, are you using a trusted security setting, or have you entered as username and password (i.e. sa and its password)?

Can you send (via private email to AyaNova Sales & Support as you don’t want others known ing username and password to your server) the AyaNova.exe.config file, and the Web.config file? - this way I can see for you if there is something in the config file that is causing this.

  • Joyce

Hi again

I was wondering if you would post a reply letting us know if this resolved your issue?

  • Joyce