Changing Column Layout for client user

Is there a way to change the layout for client user WBI ?

I noticed that the other non client type users has the same layout as the Windows interface one ?


Sorry but my ESP isn’t working well this morning.I do not know what layout you are referring to, nor what specifically about this “layout” you are referring to.

Please always specify the specific entry screen, the specific grid, specific field, etc so that I may answer your question.

Thank you,Joyce

When I login as a “Client user” or “Head Office Client User” type to AyanovaWBI, I can go to the service workorder screen.

The service workorder screen displaysWO number, service date, Invoice number, client reference, contact , closed and Clients columns. How do I add different columns or changed the column order ?

This service work orderscreen is different than the one for schedulable user or non-schedulable user type.

Hi Raymond

The Workorders grid is preset to show minimum columns sorted by the Workorder Number.

The client (or you) can not add additional columns to display in the Service Workorders grid that the client sees in WBI, nor change the sort order of this grid.What the client sees is completely different than what an AyaNova user would see when logging in via WBI.

If you want your customer toview additoinal information on the workorder, the client would select the workorder number which would display that workorder’s information via the report template you had previously set up via the WBI 3.x Help steps to configure the client

This way you have control over what workorder information the client does and does not see - as you determine what displays on the workorder report template.

  • Joyce


Ideally, I would like to be able to give a different service Workorder WBI lookto our customers that they can filter. If not possible,the Workorder summary descriptionshould be included as part of the preset columns.

This will give our customers options to find out status on jobs at glance. The customer does not remember job number but they do remember the problem by reading the description.


Hi Raymond, the Summary column in the Workorders grid for the client accessing via WBI does display the text of the Workorder Summary for that workorder.

You can have any other specific data show for the client in the report for that workorder when they click on the workorder number as you have full control over what fields you have in your workorder report template that you set forclients to view via WBI. We do not want to force WBI users to have their clients view fields that they may not want their clients to see - this is why the client when they click on the workorder # opens up the specific report template you have set for them to see.

  • Joyce