DataPortal.rem appears to be missing?

I just downloaded the current DataPortal utility. I’ve tried it on two different PC’s now. On either machine, in IIS, there is no file labeled “DataPortal.rem” under the AyaNovaDP directory listing under the web server heading. Is this missing from the current iteration of the Data Portal utility? Or am I totally missing something here?


BTW, I do like the new version 3 compared to CE!


Please note that there is not a file called DataPortal.rem under the AyaNovaDP directory listing.

I will post the steps to check if you are experiencing an issue with your AyaNova Data Portal configuration that was also sent via direct email in reply to your direct email request for support.

  • Joyce

When configuring the AyaNova Data Portal, one of the steps is to enter in the URL (where XXX is the port # configured for)

If successful as per the manual screenshot, that indicates that IIS successfully communicates with the AyaNova business objects and returns results in XML.

If you get a page not found, that would indicate either

A) you can’t communicate with IIS at all because of a firewall or misconfiguration

B) the dataportal is not installed or configured or IIS is not configurated properly to work with it

As you have already confirmed that IIS server is using .NET 1.1.4233 - check the following:

First check that you do not have a local firewall preventing access to the port # you indicated (please note it is recommended to never use port 80 or 8080 as these are common ports - it is always recommended to use some other combination of numbers)

Second - confirm that IIS is running. If it is, than reboot the computer, log back in, ensure IIS is running, and try again.

Third - Referring to the AyaNovaDataPortal installation steps:

what is the IP address of this computer?

Page 564 step 2 IIS is configured for this port - when you display the IIS default web site properties, what is the port number?

Page 564 step 4 when you installed the AyaNovaDataPortal, what port number did you enter in when installing?

Confirm that AyaNova runs successfully on this computer

Provide a copy of the AyaNova.exe.config file from the AyaNova 3 program directory on this computer

Confirm AyaNovaDP displays in the path as shown in the image for page 565 step 5

Provide a copy of the Web.config from this location - (this should be exactly the exact same as the path C:\inetpub\wwwroot\AyaNovaDP )

Please note as stated at the beginning of the installation & configuration steps for the AyaNova Data Portal in the AyaNova v3 Manual, you can not use the default embedded Firebird configuration when installing the AyaNova Data Portal.

You must configured to use the network Firebird configuration or the network SQL configuration before installing and configuring the AyaNova Data Portal

The default embeded Firebird configuration (what is installed when you initially install AyaNova) can only be used for single computer, single user AyaNova v3 program access.

  • Joyce

Issue resolved by re-initializing the .NET 1.1. framework by the steps also provided in

Please note that [b]Microsoft.NET Framework 2 is now required for the latest release AyaNova v3.2.0 and any optional AyaNova v3 utilities

Refer to the Known Issues & Updates forum update to AyaNova v3.2.0