Event Generator service v 3.4 - released January 16 2007

The Event Generator service installation file released January 16th 2007 installs the Generator for use as a service only.

A desktop version is no longer provided as the service version is more reliable, as well you can refer to the Event Viewer Application Log in Computer Managementin the event of any issues.

Please refer to the following instructions if you had previously confiugred the desktop version of Generator:
-Ensure that you are using the latest version of the AyaNova program first
-Refer to the AyaNova Support Forum section to upgrade to the latest version if not
-Via Add/Remove Programs, uninstall the previous version of the AyaNovaGenerator
-Download the latest version of the Event Generator from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm
-Install and configure as per the steps outlined in the latest revision of the AyaNova v3 Manual released Janaury 16th 2007 starting page 578 (you may already have an Generator.exe.config file in the directory from your previous installation

Steps from the AyaNova v3 Manual to configure the service Event Generator for use with network configured AyaNova
-Download the Event Generator installation file from the AyaNova website to the same server where the AyaNova database resides
-Install to the same local hard drive as the AyaNova 3 database
-Open Windows Explorer and move to the AyaNova 3 program directory - Default is C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3
-Make a copy of the existing AyaNova.exe.config file
-Rename this file Generator.exe.config and move it to the AyaNova Generator program folder - Default location is C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova Generator
-Open Services (right-click on My Computer -> select Manage -> expand Services)
-Find the AyaNova Generator service – start it (right-click on AyaNova Generator and select Start)
-When the Generator service first starts, it will poll the database to process any notification events. Then it will poll every five minutes after.
-Expand the Event Viewer in Computer Management window
-Double click on the Application Log
-Double-click on the log entry for the source AyaNovaGenerator – it should say the service has started successfully -If the service did not start successfully, check the other logs at that time to help identify the reason -Most common issue is that the Generator.exe.config file is not created, or is not correct. Double-check step 3 through 5 again.
-Reboot the server so that all services start automatically.
-Log into the AyaNova program, create an event that you have subscribed to and then confirm that you are notified -Do note that it may be 5 or slightly more minutes before the notification is sent – especially if delivery method is via email as your email server still has to process it

NOTE if you previously had set up the old desktop version of Generator to start autoamtically on login by placing it in the computer’s Start Up folder, do remember to remove it as it will no longer run from there and would end up causing an error.

This is great and it works like a charm!

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