Example simple report for exporting

Received an email from an AyaNova user having a question about creating a simple report that would produce a CSV file with the following information:

Only report on workorders that are Service Completed but not Closed
Display the data in the CSV file as
Client account number – WO number – WO headline – ServiceRate – Billable hours (aggregated) pr ServiceRate

An example of result for this report could be:

100001;1202;”PC-problems”; Technician-Day;2,5
100001;1203;”Installing AV”;Technician-Day;1
100005;1204;”Installing programs”;Technician-Day;2

For the requirement of only reporting on workorders that are Service Completed but not Closed, the AyaNova user would filter on their Service Workorders grid - filter the Service Completed column selecting (True), and filter on the Closed column selecting (False)

For the report itself to obtain the data so that it can be listed in CSV format:

Created a new detailed report template

Added the band for WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem under the WorkorderHeader, and added the band for WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor under that as would for any detailed report template (see also tutorial on creating detailed workorder report template if needed )

Created a Table with five columns in the WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor band and set AnchorVertical to Top and Bottom

Bound each field to its appropriate datafield - i.e. first tablecell to WorkorderServiceDetailed - WorkorderHeader.LT_Client_Label_AccountNumber for the client account number, last table cell to WorkorderServiceDetailed - WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem.WorkorderItemWorkorderItemLabor.LT_WorkorderItemLabor_Label_ServiceRateQuantity for the Service rate quantity


To create the CSV file for workorders that are Service Completed but not Closed:

Filter Service Completed and Closed columns in the Service Workorders grid

Select this sample report template and view its Print Preview

In Print Preview select the menu option Export document…

Select CSV File

checkmarked the “Quote strings with separators”

Saved the file

Opened the file using NotePad and confirmed data is in the layout needed.

You can download a sample of this report template Sample Simple Report For Exporting from http://www.ayanova.com/Downloads/ReportTemplates/samplesimplereportforexporting.zip , import it and refer to it. I encourage you to refer to this when creating your own.

  • Joyce