Existing licensed AyaNova CE users invitation

We encourage licensed AyaNova CE users to contact us to obtain a temporary 30 day license.

Apply the temporary license to the AyaNova v3 installation, and perform a test import of your existing AyaNova CE data to AyaNova v3.

You can create custom report templates using the internal custom report designer for your company, export these to files, and when you do import your live AyaNova CE data, you can easily import these custom report templates so ready to go immediately once the import is finished.

Send a direct email request to support@ayanova.com via direct mail (do not post on the AyaNova Support Forum)
Send via your registered email address provided when the AyaNova CE licenses were purchased (no exceptions can be made as licenses can only be sent to registered email addresses)
If your email address has changed since purchase, refer to the AyaNova Support Forum topic How do I change my registered email address?
Include your registered company name and AyaNova CE activation key-code (both are required)
Obtain both from your latest AyaNova Activation Key email message
Or obtain by accessing the location in the AyaNova CE where you input your registered company name and activation keycode

We will send to the registered email address a 30 day AyaNova v3 license for the number of AyaNova CE licenses that is to be applied before the import steps.