FAX number on report

Is there a way to include the FAX number for the primary contact on reports?

I noticed that when looking at available fields in WorkorderHeader, whether it is WorkOrderpmDetailed or WorkOrderServiceDetailed, that only the phone field is listed.

On the customer record screen, I also have noticed that when you have a phone record and fax record for the same contact that you can check both of those records as default phone. In the Contact Phone Type field, I have one as Business and the other is FAX.What happens if both records are checked as default phone?


I just answered my second question. When you hit the save button, the last boxed you check becomes the primary phone and the other box is unchecked by the program.

Hi Dan

If you checkmark the Fax number as default phone and select Save (or Save& Exit)you will note that the checkmark auto removes from the Business phone number. Only one phone number will be saved as default.

A report template made via a Detailed Report Template will allow selection of the client’s primary contact’s default phone number to display. The phone number could be Fax or could be Business - it is only dependant on which is selected as the default phone as the report query looks only for the phone number set as default. To have the phone number that is a Fax number display on the report, make it the default phone.

[Forum editor’s NOTE: Above information only applies to AyaNova version 3.x

AyaNova 4and above has a different format for the client entry screen and now does include access to not just the business phone number, but also the Fax number, mobile etc of the client when customizing/creating a report template for the service workorder grid]

  • Joyce