FULL Update to AyaNova v3.6.0.0 if presently using network Firebird or network SQL configuration

Full Update to AyaNova v3.6.0.0 if presently using network Firebird or network SQL configuration

If you are presently using AyaNova v3.0.1 up to, you may follow these instructions

If you are using AyaNova CE, please refer to the AyaNova FAQ Answers for AyaNova CE users

Check what version you are presently running by selecting menu Help -> About AyaNova


Below are specific instructions for network Firebird or SQL installation.

Read through all instructions for your type of setup before proceeding.

If you have a question, post a question on the AyaNova Support Forum, or email us directly at ersonName w:st=“on”>support@ayanova.comersonName> before proceeding.

Provide details on your configuration if asking a question so that we may help you as fast as possible, including copy of your AyaNova.exe.config.txt and ayalog.txt, as well as what specific database server and version you are using (i.e. Firebird Server 1.5 or SQL Server 2000 or SQL Express 2005 or ??)


Before starting, make sure you can see all information in Windows Explorer by performing the following:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and select menu View

  2. Make sure Details is checked

  3. Select menu option Tools -> Folder Options

  4. Select tab View

  5. Make sure Show Hidden Files and Folders is checkmarked

  6. Make sure Hide file extensions for known file types is not checkmarked

  7. Click on Apply button

  8. Click on Use Current Folder button to set all folders to use this type of view

  9. Select Yes

Now you can see file dates, extensions of files and so on.


Always make a backup of your database before performing an update


If presently using network Firebird or SQL installation:

****** Make sure all AyaNova programs are exited and all optional AyaNova related programs are also exited before beginning the update, and that they stay closed until update is completed********

  1. Make and confirm a successful backup of your AyaNova v3 database

a. If using the network Firebird configuration, refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual section on backup and recovery
b. If using SQL Express or SQL Server, refer to your Microsoft documentation on successfully backing up a SQL database using SQL Management Studio or Enterprise Manager depending on your version of SQL)

  1. Make a backup of any configuration files used in your configuration and for all AyaNova programs so you can refer to them if needed

AyaNova.exe.config, aliases.conf, networkFirebirdsnapshot.bat, web.config, Generator.exe.config, AyaNovaQBI.exe.config, etc

  1. Via Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs un-install all AyaNova v3 related programs with the AyaNova program un-installed last.

a. For example, if you also use QBI, uninstall QBI first, than un-install AyaNova v3
b. Or if using the Event Generator, un-install the Generator, as well as any other AyaNova programs, with un-installation of the AyaNova 3 program last.

  1. If AyaNova program files were copied to networked computers (or remote computers for use with Data Portal), delete all these files on the networked computers.

  2. Make sure you have Microsoft.NET Framework 2 or higher installed - you MUST have version 2 or higher. Confirm this by checking the programs listed in your Add/Remove Programs includes Microsoft.NET Framework 2. If the computer does not have .NET Framework 2 or higher installed, obtain it from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&displaylang=en

  3. On the one main computer only where you initially installed AyaNova 3, run the new AyaNova 3.6 installation that you have downloaded from the AyaNova website, installing to the same directory where the previous AyaNova 3 was installed (default location is C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3)

a. Do NOT start the AyaNova program after the installation is complete - you are not finished yet.

  1. Once the new AyaNova installation is complete, you now must configure to use your network configuration as the previous AyaNova.exe.config file may have been been overwritten and a trial database reinstalled back into that program folder

a. Just as with the initial network configuration, you need to create an AyaNova.exe.config for your specific configuration
i. Delete the existing AyaNova.exe.config
ii. If was using network Firebird, rename the AyaNova.exe.config.FIREBIRD_SERVER_VERSION to AyaNova.exe.config
iii. If was using SQL Express, rename the AyaNova.exe.config.MSDE_SQLEXPRESS_VERSION to AyaNova.exe.config
iv. If was using SQL Server, rename the AyaNova.exe.config.MSSQLSERVER_VERSION to AyaNova.exe.config

b. Now edit this newly made AyaNova.exe.config as you originally did when you configured for network access
i. You may want to refer to the backed up AyaNova.exe.config you made as per step 2

c. The installation would have installed a trial AYANOVA.FDB file again into this directory – delete it (as your networked configuration database still resides elsewhere and was not affected by the new installation yet)

NOTE: SQL 2000 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and therefore can be supported by us.

  1. ON ONE COMPUTER ONLY - On this main computer, log into AyaNova as the AyaNova Administrator - (default username is manager with password letmein if you have not changed this) - if other users are logged in, the update will not complete successfully and you may have to restore from the backup you made prior to proceeding.

a. Only log in the first time as the AyaNova Administrator – it may take 30 to 300 seconds or so the first time it loads – this is expected as it is updating a lot of stuff
b. Confirm your data displays
c. If using network Firebird, restore your edited networkFirebirdsnapshot.bat if needed
d. The AyaNova v3 update for the main AyaNova program is completed on the main computer.

  1. Now copy all files from the AyaNova 3 program folder to networked computers that also have Microsoft.NET Framework 2 installed prior.

  2. Download the latest revision of the AyaNova v3 Manual that includes information about the new features, as well as updated information.

  3. If you previously used other AyaNova utilities (QBI, Event Generator, AyaNova Data Portal, etc)

Make sure they were uninstalled via Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs

Download the latest versions for 3

Perform the installation and configuration again for these utilities. Refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual for instructions.

Do note that Event Generator is now a service instead of a desktop program. Refer to the latest AyaNova v3 Manual section (download from the AyaNova website How To Documentation webpage) on the Event Generator configuration which provides the steps to configure the latest Event Generator.

Refer to the Issues Addressed & New Features topic in this Known Issues & Updates section of the forum for an outline of new features and issues addressed in this latest version