Funnel Question

When viewing scheduled PM’s, there is a funnel choice to view PM’s due next month. But, I want/need to view months later on down the road.

Example. It’s now May 2006. I want to funnel only PM’s due in September 2006.

I’ve tried various scenarios with the CUSTOM funnel option, but I cannot return any data. This is not a programming problem, but rather me not entering a customer request properly. How would you do this?


Oops, that should have said “custom request properly” and not “customer request properly”. It wouldn’t let me edit my post.

Hi Dan

A suggestion would be to create a custom filter on the Next Service Date

-Select Operator of Greater than or equal to
-Select Operand of the first September date

This way the filter will display only PM’s that have a Next Service Date of greater than or equal to that specific Next Service Date you select


Another suggestion is to place the Next Service Date as the first column on the left so that it is your “sort” column.

Than sort so that it shows the latest dates first - this way, PM’s for May would be at the bottom of the grid, with the furtherest dated PM on the first row etc.

  • Joyce