**Horizontal View in Schedule Screen now in AyaNova 4**

We have 30 techicians and like the way version lists all technicians/users on the left side of screen andtheir workorders per techat a quick glancebyweek.

v3 looks like outlook and for a company that has 30 + technicians makes it time consuming to look up a technician/user - when the previous version shows all of them at a quick glance and where they are scheduled.

We reviewed many scheduling software companies and the main reason we picked Ayanova was the easy view of numerous technicians at one glance.

Can this be incorporated in the view selection of the schedule - asthe customer you canchoosefrom the toolbar which view you prefer.

I do like some of the options the new v3 gives you - but will not upgrade at this point due to this one fault of looking at all 30 tech/user at one glance vs having to scan over and find there name then down to the particular time frame I’m looking at.


Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into seeing if we can add that type of view to AyaNova v3

Also note with AyaNova v3 you can create Schedulable User Groups - displays scheduleable users based on their region, dispatch zone, skill(s), and/or certification(s). A scheduleable user group can be then easily and quickly selected, displaying those users that belong to that group so you can easily and quickly identify who is or is not scheduled so you can assign workorder items.

  • Joyce

Horizontal view is a new Schedule screen view that will be available in AyaNova 4