How can I identify Bill Head Office on Workorder detail report

When one of ourclientsrequests a workorder to be raised it is at that point that they will identify whether the job will be billed to them, or to the Head Office.I need a way of selectively identifying when the workorder is createdwhere the work is done and who should be invoiced and include thename & address details of both on the workorder report. When the client signs off the work they are signing off both the work detail and who is being billed for it.

I see the client field of Bill Head Office is for a future development, but it is against the client record andseems to imply it will be a case of permanently set or unset for a client.

Will such a facility of selectively choosing Bill Head Office at Workorder creation be available, and can you help with any suggestion on how I might achieve such a thing in the short term.

Many thanks for any advice/asisstance you can give.


Hi Brian

For a future feature, are you looking for a check-mark field in the service workorder itself that is Bill To Head Office - and if that client has a HeadOffice, the head offices’s mailing address information is provided in the report datafields, not the clients mailing address. With these datafields, the actual report would always display two addresses - one physical and one the mailing. Physcial is where service is performed, mailing is where the invoice is sent and service is billed to?

Thank you for your feature suggestion - we will be reviewing all postings here for future development and addition to AyaNova v3.

A possible suggestion for the time being would be to utilize one of the text fields in the service workorder header as where you would identify that although the client is selected, it is to be be billed to the head office.

For example, localized the labeled field Client Reference # to be labeled as Bill Head Office. If the service workorder is to be invoiced to the head office, enter in the Head Office name here. In this way, from the Service Workorder grid in the Service navigation pane you can see right at glance if this field has entered information, and know the service workorder is to be billed to the head office.

You could also localize the Internal Reference # field to Head Office Address if you want to put the address directly in the service workorder.

And than customize an existing report template, or create a new report template to use these fields in the report itself - if blank you know its not billed to another, if those localized fields have entered text, that text than displays on the custom report.

Screenshot below is the Client Reference # and Internal Ref# fields localized to Bill Head Office, and Head Office Address - so if this workorder is to be billed other than the client you can enter it directly in the service workorder

The below screenshot is a suggestion for editing a cusotm report template to include these two fields

In this way, if you were printing the report for the workorder # as that workorder has those fields entered, therefore the report would display that info.

And if a workorder does not have those two fields entered, than the report would not display any such information

All fields in AyaNova can be localized to your particular needs.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce

Your summary of the future feature would be exactly what we need and I hope it does get included. Thanks also for the short term solutionand the very quick response.

The good comments I see about the AyaNova support service are well deserved.



Just wanted to post that that AyaNova v3.3.3.0 now includes the Bill To Head Office bool field, as well as the Head Office name and postal address datafields in the Service Workorder report template.

Refer to update to the latest version, and to the AyaNova v3 Printing & Report Templates additional sample report templates section for a new sample report template that displays the Head Office postal address if the Bill To Head Office address is checkmarked in the client entry screen Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum