How to apply % increase to an existing currency field or a custom currency field

This sample report template replaces the sample that was posted 11/29/2006 in preparation of the new version printing design and engine component that will be released with the next maintenance update in late Dec / early January

This sample report template is based on the one provided in xxx but includes multiplying a 10% increase on the existing prices in the Retail, Cost and Custom3 field.

Download [AyaNova 6.x and higher download

Click on the data field for the Custom 3 field and open the OnBeforePrint script Property so you can see what has been edited to allow this price increase to be applied. Ditto with the Cost and Retail data fields.

If you have other percentages - either increase or decrease - you can make a new copy of the report template, and then edit the appropriate number from 1.10 (which would be a 10% increase) to what you need - for example, if a 10% decrease you would change the field scripts to .90 instead of 1.10