If Use Inventory = false set in Global Settings, will not be able to create new workorder items or edit existing

If via the AyaNova program in Global Settings, you have set Use Inventory to false, if you attempt to create a new workorder item or edit an existing workorder item via WBI, the symbol that indicates WBI is requesting information will continue to circle endlessly.

The reason is that the Service Workorder entry screen is hard wired to work with inventory.

At present, to use WBI requires that Use Inventory be set to True.

We will be updating this as soon as possible.

If you must have Use Inventory set to false, please contact us directlyproviding a link to this topic and that you are experiencing itto obtain a pre-release version of WBI 3.3.1 that will address this specific issue.

Because we are right in the middle of code development, this WBI 3.3.1 that I will provide to WBI users that have Use Inventory set to false is not available via general download - we wish to know exactly who is using this 3.3.1 WBI if it is provided.

  • Joyce

This issue is addressed in the latest version of WBI v3.3.3.0

If you are experiencing this issue and running an older version of AyaNova and WBI, upgrade to the latest version as per http://forum.ayanova.com/Forum96-1.aspx