If you encounter an error importing AyaNova CE data into v3

As it is possible that you may have issues with the CE data that has not manifested itself while running AyaNova CE, you may encounter an error running the import as AyaNova v3 is much more strict about the quality of the data.

If you experience any issues importing your AyaNova data, please first ensure that you are using the latest version of the AyaNova CE Import Utility

If you continue to experience an issue, please provide the following in your support request to support@ayanova.com :

Confirmation that each of the import steps outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual on importing was performed
a) In addition to confirmation of each of the import steps, also provide path locations of AyaNova database and the AyaNova v3 database in relation to the computer where the AyaNova v3 import is running from

Detailed Info from AyaNova from the computer where the AyaNova CE is located when the import occurs.
a) Log into AyaNova CE, select menu Help -> select About this program -> click on Detailed Info button -> copy all information to a NotePad document, save and attach to your support request.

Exact point where your issue occurs as per the steps above

Exact wording of any messages received

Provide a copy of the Import screen details including the message displayed.
If sending a screenshot, copy into a document and zip that document using WinZip – do not embed in your email message, nor send an uncompressed document.

A zipped copy of the ayalog.txt file from the AyaNova v3 folder on this computer

A copy of your AyaNova CE database file SCDATA.SC zipped using WinZip

The AyaNova CE manager username and password if not the default “manager” and “letmein”
8. A copy of the AyaNova.exe.config file and a copy of the AyaImport.exe.config file

It is possible that AyaNova CE data has issues that have not manifested itself while running AyaNova CE

Providing the above information and files will allow us to perform an import at our end and determine the issue so that you may import successfully.