Importing AyaNova data into Blank MSSQL database

I had to change the importconfig file (AyaImport.exe.config)a litte for this to work, I thought I would post this up so that others could use it as well. I followed the Manual for setup and configuration of SQL worked fine. I down loaded in extracted the import utility that AyaNova has provided. -----you must modify “AyaImport.exe.config” -----file that you extracted. This isthe database connection settings for the import utility, which only make sense to modify.Followed the rest of the manual, and it worked perfect. I hope this helps.

add key=“DataBaseType” value=“FireBird”
add key=“DataBaseConnectionString” value=“ServerType=1;DataBase=AYANOVA.FDB;User=AYANOVA;Password=AYANOVA;Dialect=3;”
add key=“GenerateFromThisConnection” value=“true”;


add key=“ConnectionType” value=“DataBase”
add key=“DataBaseType” value=“MSSQL”
add key=“DataBaseConnectionString” value=“data source=SQL_SERVER_NAME;initial catalog=AyaNova;User Id=LOGINNAME; Password=PASSWORD;”

Just a heads up for AyaNova 3.x users importing 1.9 data using the AyaImport utility:

As outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual section, it is easier to just make a copy of your existing AyaNova.exe.config file which already connects to the SQL AyaNova database, and call that copy AyaImport.exe.config

In this way, all the < and / and information is already in the AyaImport.exe.config file for you

From the AyaNova v3 Manual section on configuring the AyaImport utility.

                                                          i.      If have configured AyaNova v3 to use the network Firebird configuration, or SQL Express configuration or SQL Server configuration:
  1. Open Windows Explorer and move to the CEImport program folder
  2. Rename the existing AyaImport.exe.config file to AyaImport.exe.config.BAK as we will not be using it.
  3. Move to the AyaNova v3 program folder
  4. Copy the existing AyaNova.exe.config file to the CEImport folder (this is the edited AyaNova.exe.config file that you had edited for use with your particular configuration)
  5. Move back to the CEImport folder
  6. Rename the AyaNova.exe.config file to AyaImport.exe.config
  7. Continue to Step 4 Perform the AyaNova CE Import