Inventory Sort

I have numerous parts in inventory, many with 0 as available on hand and others with varying quantities. I want to view on screen the list sorted by part first (I do have them in the first comumn) then by qty on hand. I would like to print that inventory too.

Right now the sort seems to go by qty.

All of these parts have the same inventory # then my part # in order to group them in the dialog boxes (ie: Part No.5 Part Name M-305, Part No.5 Part Name M-306 etc.)

Hi Mike

The Part Inventory grid, as does all grids, sorts by the first column, than by the second, than by the third column

If the first column is the Part column, than the first sort will be by the part display format selected in Global Settings (i.e Name - Number, or Number, name, etc)

If you have multiple Part Warehouses, than you will see that the same part is listed multiple times - for each part warehouse

If the second column is On Hand, than once the same part is listed, than by quantity on hand would be listed next.

If you only want parts from a certain Part Warehouse to display, (for example, because other Part Warehouses do not have any On Hand quantity), than filter the Part Warehouse column.

I am not sure what you mean by "all of these parts have the same inventory # " - do you mean you have the parts all named in the Part Name: field with the pre-fix Part No.5? Or do you mean that you have only one Part Warehouse, and this Part Warehouse is called Part No.5?

When printing, what data records are displaying in the grid determines what data is able to display on a report.

Whereas the format of that data - how it is grouped, etc - is based on how the report template is formatted itself .

As outlined in other topics in this forum section, do always provide a copy of your report template if you have a question on it, this way I can see what you have done, and what to refer to.

  1. Do export a copy of your inventory report template (Administration navigation pane -> Report Templates grid - also outlined in the section Creating Custom Reports -> Export and Importing Custom Report Templates page 634), zip it using WinZipand attach to your topic reply.

  2. Also create a report using your inventorydata with this same report template, export it to a MS Word document and save, zip it using WinZip and attach to your topic reply (also refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual’s Printing section “Exporting a Report to a File” page 499)

    This way I get a copy of your report template to see what formatting for grouping you have done so far, and actual data of yours using this existing report template so that I see what data is where.

  3. In your reply, refer to the report MS Word you printed, and identify what groupings using the data displaying in that report you send.

  4. Also identfiy in your Global Settings, what is your Part Display Format set as?

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce

Yes, each part that are a certain aspect of things we sell does have a 5 prefix.I did thatto keep them together. Does that work or am I defeating something that way?

I have not started the reportto print yet.

Hi again Mike

In your first post, you stated that the Inventory grid was not sorting as you expected. Do you have it now, or are you still not seeing what you want?

If so, Ido needto get information from you on how you have set up your parts - what is entered in what fields in the part entry screen - and as well as what are you exactly seeing on the Inventory grid that you say it is not sorting as you want it to.

Let’s deal with this sorting in the Inventory first.

A suggestion so that I understand what you are looking at right now, and what you are trying to get,is to provide:
-Make a screenshot of a part entry screen, zip it and attach.
-And than also make a screenshot of the Inventory grid the way it is right now showing this part (as well as others), zip it and attach.
-And include in your reply what you are trying to get the grid to sort by - using column labels exactly as it is, etc so that I can follow allong what you see right now, and what you want to see.

We’ll come back to any report template after sorting in the Inventory grid is figured out.

  • Joyce

I did get the sort the way I wanted it and then created a printable report to go with it. (the report designer is VERY cool.

My mistake was giving all parts the same “part number”. For whatever I was thinking when I did that…it was not right. Now that each part has it’s own number, things are much better.

Thank you for excellent customer service!