Is anyone experiencing an issue running a detailed report or creating a new detailed report?

To help Randy232 with his troubleshooting, we are posting here if anyone else is experiencing similar issues:

-A report template made fromDetailed times out went selected
-And as well if attempt tocreate a new Detailed report template (unknown from information provided what occurs instead)

Even with 1000 records displaying in the Service Workorders grid, our testing results in report displaying in a minute or less (depending on the internal queries and logs in the report template).

Even ran a report that had 9843 records displaying in the grid, and AyaNova chugged away at it getting all the information for the report for some time, but still did not time out - the pritn preview ended up showing 13678 pages to be printed - but still no time out.

If some one else is experiencing this, you could compare with Randy232 as what is the same with your computer and setup with his computer and setup to identify from where the issue is.

Thank you

  • Joyce