Is AyaNova available on PDA's


We are a small electrical business in New Zealand and am looking at purchasing Ayanova, we have 3 staff members + my husband working in the business, am wondering if Ayanova can be used from a PDA, ie, staff could enter customer details, job description, gear used which could then be downloaded back at the office on to main computer for invoicing, payroll etc.

Have read a few questions on the forum people have mentioned “Terminal Servers”, not sure if this is the same as PDA’s or similar? I realise it is available by remote access (ie computers).

If its not available at present, is it something that could be in the pipeline in the future?

Thanks Annette:)

ANSWER UPDATE: AyaNova NOW has multiple remote access options you can purchase to access your AyaNova data remotely - RI, WBI and MBI

Hi Annette

The AyaNova v3 program is not capable of running on a PDA device at this time, but we do have on our AyaNova v3 Wish List requests for such a feature - for a user to be able to upload data from the AyaNova v3 database to their PDA that they can than take off-site, update as needed, and than upload back to the database to synchronize when they return to the office. We don’t have a expected release date at this timefor such a feature, but it is a feature that we do want to provide in the future.

We encourage AyaNova users to post suggestions for expansion on existing features, and new features in the AyaNova v3 Wish Listsection. Many features of AyaNova v3 are those suggested by AyaNova users. All suggestions in the Wish List forum will be reviewed during product development.

Regarding Terminal Services: " "

Terminal services allow remote computers to run desktops and applications on a server as though it is running locally. Keystrokes and mouse action information is sent from the Terminal Client to the Terminal Server over the network/Internet and visual display information is sent back to the Terminal Client from the Terminal Server.

For example: a remote computer would be the Terminal Client - this remote computer would connect to the Terminal Server via a fast Internet connection, and be able to access the AyaNova data just as if the remote computer was part of the local network where the Terminal Server is.

Here’s a link to more information on Terminal Services from Microsoft

You can also enter in a search term in for terminal services to bring up olots of links to other sites giving more information if interested.

And do talk to your local computer service company.

We are also in development of the optional add-on WBI (web browser interface) to allow remote users to use just a web browser and Internet connection to connect to the database to view and enter in data in real-time. We will be posting on the AyaNova web site, and the AyaNova Support Forum, and directly contacting AyaNova users as soon as it is availalbe for release.

Let me know if you have additional questions on AyaNova

  • Joyce

Thanks Joyce for that info. Will keep an eye out for developments in this area.