**Labor rate cost available in in AyaNova 4 and P/L report now in AyaNova 4**


Is it possible to show P&L with in Ayanova for a customer/unit?

Fields needed:

(A) Sales $

(B) Labour $

(C) Consumables $

(D) Spare Parts $

(E) Profit/Loss $

Formula E=A-B-C-D



Not sure I understandwhere/how you are getting Profit/Loss, I believe it is because I am not following what your definitions of “Sales”, “Labor” “Consumables” “Spare Parts” is in relation to an AyaNova workorder and why you have as your equation minusing each from the other.

In relation to AyaNova, “Labor” is the billable service entered into the Labor sub-screen of a workorder. Not sure what is meant by “Consumables” and “Spare Parts” - or are you in general meaning any billable item used in service in a workorder entered in the Parts sub-screen orthe Misc Expesnes sub-screen. And “Sales” - in relation to AyaNova, is this again also what you mean by what is billed out in the Parts subscreen?

But than I am alsonot sure why you are subtracting Sales from Labor, and than subtracting Consumables from that, and than subtracting Spare Parts from that - and how this totals a profit/loss?

Please provide an example in context with an AyaNova workorder of where you are getting each of those listed above etc so that I help respond correctly. Thank you.

  • Joyce


You perform a service on a piece of equipment and charge out labour @ $100 p/h for 2 hours ($200 cost to Customer) internally the tech has cost you $40 p/h. You also charge the customer for 2 parts @ $75.00 each ($150 cost to Customer) internal cost of $50 each.

The Total Sale to the customer is $350.00

The costs assiociated with this call is $180 (2*$40 p/hLabour; 2* $50 each Part)

The P&L for this job is $170 Profit.

If you apply this to all calls to a Customer or Unit you will be able to see if the customer/unit/contract has been profitable or if it has cost you. This allows you to see if you ned to increase your rates or up your markup on parts or even drop the contract.

Hi again Ian

I see now what you mean - thank you for providing an example so I definitely understood where you were coming from.

The Parts grid within the Service navigation pane provides access to the Parts cost so that you could create a report template from that gridthat usesscripts to subtract total part sales from the part cost to determine profit/loss on each part record that is displaying in the grid (for example, you would filter to show only part records for a specific client, and maybe as well as specific time period). You can also create/customize a detailed report template from the Service Workorders or Items grid in the Service navigation pane to subtract part cost from the part sales to determine profit/loss. But Labor rate cost is not provided as a selectable field in a report template from the Service navigation pane at this time.

For an example of a script that refers to decimal fields http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic2827-103-1.aspx- although the script used in that sample report templateis multiplying one field against another, you would of course use the minus symbol - instead of the mulitiplication symbol * - and of course applicable fields and from the appropriate grid where you want to obtain the report from.

I also will make up a sample report template for the Parts grid for part profit and loss, and will post as soon as I can.

I will move this to the Wish List section of the forum for development for futre verison of AyaNova to have the Labor rate’s cost field as selectable within the Service Workorder, Items and Labor grid report templates so that what you suggest above can be fully done - for labor profit/loss as well as for parts profit/loss which is already available via a report template.

  • Joyce

I’ve posted a sample part profit (Loss) report template for the Part grid in the Service navigation pane that you can use, customize further or refer to in the topichttp://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3262-103-1.aspx

I will now move this to the Wish List for development to refer to about the Labor Rate cost for a future version.

  • Joyce

Labor rate cost will be available in AyaNova 4 via a detailed Service Workorder report template for cost reporting - in additon to the already available part cost.

Check out this and the other new features of AyaNova 4 at (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)