Labor Rates and Groups

We have many labor rates. Some are old and will be going away (Grand-Fathered from an acquisition), but we still have to use them. Then there are the new rates. I havecreatedseveral groups and rates and associated them accordingly. When I created the client, I associated them with the rate group they should belong to. Now I go into a work order, labor screen and enter the date, time, blah, blah. When I click on the drop down for labor rate, it shows me all labor rates that are active. Is it supposed to? I thought it would only show me the rates for the group the client is associated with. Thanks!


Only if the rate is restricted via a Contract for that client does it show or not show.

As outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual section on the subgrids on page 521 for the Rates subgrid:

This is a drop down selection field where you may select the client group associated with this rate. This would be used for grouping purposes only at this time.

This does not limit the rate to only display if the client is a member of this client group at this time

We will be looking into adding as a feature the ability that only rates that have a specific client group are restricted to clients with that client group selected.

  • Joyce