MBI interface to *Nextel/Sprint Netowrk

My company uses the Nextel/Sprint Network and they only support WAP browsers. I have tried to load the Opermini woth no success. Has anyone succeded in setting up a Nextel/Sprint unit with the MBI? Our MBI works well on Verizon and Blackberry, however the Nextel/Sprint network is a problem.


Just wanted to let you know - MBI requires a browser that supports XHTML Basic or XHTML MP or WML 2.x or greater

The legacy WAP / WML 1.xis not supported.

If your mobile device can only runWAP compatible browsers, MBI is not supported on such a browser.

  • Joyce

Are you sure it’s not the device itself that is the limitation and not the network? Generally it’s the device’s capabilities that are the limiting factor.

Probably best to check with Nextel Sprint directly given the specs required that Joyce posted above.