Message attempting to start the AyaNova program after running an optional AyaNova utility

If you receive a similar message identified as below when you attempt to start AyaNovaafter running one of the optional AyaNova utilities (CEImport, ToMSSQL, Event Generator,etc)this is because you have used a 3.2 utility, but your main AyaNova program files are still version 3.1.7 or lower.

You need to perform the upgrade tothe latest version of AyaNovaas per

[i]AyaNova was unable to start

Depending on how early in startup the problem occurred,
a detailed log of the problem with suggestions may have
been saved to the file AyaLog.txt
located at: [/i][file:\C:\Program](file:///C:/Program)[i] Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3

Error details:
Unhandled exception:

This program requires database version 5
The current database is version 9