Message "There is currently no viewer for Workorder objects" if select via Recent

Steps to recreate:

When using MBI, click Recent… and click a workorder #. The screen will now say in red, "There is currently no viewer for Workorder objects.

What this is:

Viewing a workorder via the Recent… menu option will be added in a future release.

What to do:

Workorder details is available via Schedule menu only at this time. Instead do the following:

view Schedule
select a workorder number via the Schedule
this does display details of the workorder where you can add and edit labor as well well as change the workorder status.

  • Joyce

The Recent… feature now provides access to workorders

See the QuickFix for MBI 4.1.6 for details

[FORUM EDIT: This fix is now included in the MBI4.2installation]