Microsoft Server 2008

I’m successfully running AyaNova on two 2003 Standard Editon SP2 Servers working as DCs for my local domain. I’m in a process of adding another DC - this time MS Server 2008 which means I have to prepare the existing forest and domain for that:

Has anybody tried that before? Any chance it could mess up my AyaNova? Thank you.


Do note that AyaNova in a network configuration does not use Windows authentication - for example, in layman’s terms if using network Firebird Server configuration when the networked computers want access to the data, they actually only talk with the Firebird Server - and the Firebird Server “gets” the data etc.

Do I assume correctly that when you say “running AyaNova on two 2003 Standard Editon SP2 Servers working as DCs for my local domain” you actually mean that you have AyaNova configured for network use, and the AyaNova database is configured for network use on one of these servers, and the other just has the AyaNova program connecting to the database server you have configured for?

What version of AyaNova are you using? find the version by selecting menu Help -> About AyaNova

What network configuration are you using with AyaNova? network Firebird Server, network SQL Express, or network SQL Server?

Are networked computers set up as per step #6 of the AyaNova networking steps for that particular database server configuration?

  • Joyce

Yes, one of those servers is a database server with MS SQL 2000 on it, it runs the whole database on the netwrok. The other one runs IIS an holds the AyaNova WBI for external users accessing from the Internet and also connects to the database server, as well as all the workstations inside. AyaNova Version is Thank you.

Hi again

Sounds fine to me. Idon’t see where you would encounter an issue.

If you do, do let us know what the issue is and the details, copies of ayalog.txt file, full text of any errors and when they occuring doing what etc.

  • Joyce

Thank you Joyce. Should anything go wrong, I’ll definitely keep you posted.