*more fields available for Dispatching Report now a feature in AyaNova 4*

Currently you can have multiple contacts per customer. What we would like to see is the ability to access those fields for our custom Dispatch Report and a slight modification via your program.

When a job is setup at the workorder level, it would be nice to be able to select (via a drop down list) the contact who is requesting the job or who our guy is supposed to contact when he arrives at the plant. Then on our Dispatch Report, we could list all phone #, ext, FAX, email, etc. for that contact.

Right now our guys are screaming for the fax number and since the only number that is available is the “DEFAULT” number we can’t show phone and fax on the workorder.


AyaNova 4 will have not just the phone number available in detailed report templates for the workorder, but also four additional phone fields and the email address (fax, pager, home, mobile, etc)