Need help fixing overlapping fields - v3.3.3

I am attempting to removeoverlapping fields in a number of our report templates but when I got to the second template, no matter what I try, I am unable to prevent overlapping from occurring in one of the template’stables.

The table in question consists of two columns (xrTableCell82 and xrTableCell83). Since thecell columns are joined within the tableand changing the width of one automatically changes the other I am at a loss on how to separate them and remove the overlap.

I’ve attached the template and would appreciate any suggestions you could offer on how I can accomplish this feat.



Hi Bob

The red cube error message within the report template does say (xrTableCell82 and xrTableCell83), but if instead you moved each row below so each row is spaced apart from the one above, then overlapping no longer occurred.

I’ve attached an edit of the report template you sent. You will need to delete the report template you presently have, and then import this one.

Thank you for attaching the report template so that I could look at it and determine it for you.

  • Joyce

Thank you!