No detailed info in notifications

I use the notifications a lot to help me remember deadlines etc. Unfortunately the textI get in my email notifications is very brief. In the setup I already selected “Full format” as opposed to the “Brief format” available.

It would be nice to configure which fields should be included in the notification. Now I have to start Ayanovaeverytime to check out what the notification was exactly about. When on the road I get my Emails on my PDA but have no access to Ayanova, so more detailed info in the Email would be nice


Thank you for your suggestion.

Do note that notiifications are to notify you of an event, and then you go to AyaNova to get the actual details - whether through the AyaNova program, or WBI or MBI.

Because of the each AyaNova user having potentially different amounts of data entered, a notification could easily be very large and ungainly to review, whereas if you look in AyaNova itself for the details (i.e. a workorder) each field is laid out easily for you to review what you need.

  • Joyce