Off-Line Mode

I saw the posts for the PDA integration and being disconnected and having the workorder sync when reconnected. Any chance that this will someday be a feature for laptop users also? Sometimes a network connection just isn’t feasible. (Although I look forward to the Web Interface, with bated breath, sometimes the most efficient entry of workorder updates will take place away from an internet connection.) Currently we are ramping up for the integration of your product in our organization to manage the service for several on-site computer and network service techs. (We have been really giving your eval a workout!!!) We have done the network installation with the firebird server. (Lighter weight, easier maintenance, NOT Microsoft!) We will be going the route of QBI, WBI and the import utility as soon as they are available. Our techs are out of the office more than they are in. Going across the internet with VPN is slow and sometimes we do not have access to the internet. (We do not allow our techs to use customer networks for ANYTHING other than servicing the network.) I am certain that the WBI will solve many of these issues, but having the off-line"database" sync at next connected login would be amazing…

Thanks for your consideration! I have been reading the manual, the help files and this forum extensively. Every topic I read I continue to be more impressed!


Hi Andy

We will be looking into providing a mobile browser interface for small screen devices and will be posting more about it on the forum as we get closer.

Also checkout John’s reply to the questions about off line access and why we are not providing in the forum topic

  • Joyce

I don’t know if this has been covered or if it even possible, but it would sure be nice to run Ayanova on a network (ethernet LAN) capable PDA such as Dell’s Axim with Windows Mobile 5.0 Not so much as to enter/modify data, but to just have the ability to view all data. In may case, SQL network configuration.

I find myself in a lot of meetings or away from my desktop when I need to refer to Ayanova. We’ve only been using Ayanova for about 2 months now and I find that if this could be done, I would be carrying around the PDA all day long!

Syncing with a PDA is one thing, but nothing beats live data!!!


Dan (8/2/2006)ISyncing with a PDA is one thing, but nothing beats live data!!!

Hi Dan, I agree wholeheartedly, offline data is very shaky for a number of reasons also outlined on that post

We’ve just released a web interface add on for AyaNova 3 called WBI, we haven’t had a chance to test it yet with a PDA browser, only PC browsers Opera, FireFox and Internet Explorer, however it’s written to very strict html standards and works in all major browsers so if your PDA has a full web browser (i.e. not one of those WAP only ones)it might be the solution for you.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it, you can get a trial license for WBI to test it out by contacting support directly by email.

I have tested with Pocke PC 2003 on Ipaq 6315and Blackberry 4.1 on 8707v

I found that we could go as far as the menu after the loging. Going to the service workorder hang the blackberry. I could not go further with the Pocket PC.

The monthly calendar is displayed, but the daily calendar is not.

Any chance to have this fixed or tested for the next release ?

Thank you for checking that out, I was afraid that might be the case with the workorder form in particular. The Pocket PC was the one I would have guessed would work better for this kind of thing, surprising.

With what you’ve found I think it’s safe to say there is no chance at all of having pda support in WBI for version 3.x.

I’m doubtful we can ever support those devices with the current format of the web pages, they are very feature rich anduse AJAX quite heavily.

It sounds like we might have to look atsome different (simplified)format pages served to pda’s as it doesn’t sound like they have come close to pclevelbrowser support yet.That way as well we can layout more ideally for smallerdisplays. We’ll check into it for possible support in the next full version release (i.e. 4.x)

[NOTE: the new optional MBI now provides mobile browser interface access ]

It sounds like we might have to look atsome different (simplified)format pages served to pda’s

That would be great! I don’t really need the ability to enter or modify data on my PDA, just a way to look at calendars, customer info, machine infoand workorders on my PDA via either LAN or WBI.