PDA Integration

Are there any plans to include integration of Palm or Windows Mobile PDAs on future releases of Ayanova?

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yes - we will be looking into adding a mobile browser interface in a future release.

Do be assured that all posts in the Wish List will get reviewed when we finish development on the existing projects - QuickBooks integration, remote web browser access, API documentation.

As listed at the top of the Wish List forum, we may not personally respond to all suggestions in the Wish List,however this forum will be reviewed during product development and great ideas will be short-listed for future development.

This would be a huge advantage for dispatched technicians! Modify the the workorder and have it update on re-sync.

what is the status of this add-on???


Just a heads up that we are working on a mobile solution. We plan to post a testing URL soon for those with mobile devices to try it out and give constructive suggestions. We do not have an ETA at this time, keep watch or subscribe to this topic.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce, can you please provide more information regarding the mobile edition and estimated ETA? We are very interested in this type of solution. Is this a standalone program for mobile devices or will it integrate into Outlook?

As above, I do not have an ETA at this time, nor are specifics on its features available at this time. When development has a working copy, thanwe will list what they are actually able to have it provide.

As suggested, subscribe to this topic so that you are notified when we post more information.

  • Joyce

We invite you to review the forumsection http://forum.ayanova.com/Forum123-1.aspxregarding the new MBI - mobile browser interface.

  • Joyce