Potential bug?

I found in one Ayanova installation that AWORKORDER, AWORKORDERITEM table had several hunded records with no related records in AWORKORDERSERVICE table.

These records are not viewable via the Ayanova program.

It seems like these records were deleted from Ayanova but the deletion was not completed fully.

Should there be any records in AWORKORDER, AWORKORDERITEM tables without corresponding records in AWORKORDERSERVICE?

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex

The AWORKORDER table contains records for the headers of not just service workorders, but also quotes, PM’s and their templates. So if you have no workorders at all, than these records in the AWORKORDER table would be more than likely for quotes, PM’s and/or templates (service templates, quote templates and/or PM templates)

I am pretty sure you know this, but just a reminder - never ever directly edit the AyaNova database such as deleting records as you could cause major problems.

  • Joyce