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Now that QBI 3 is released is there a timeframe for Remote Web. As you can see I am anxious :smiley:

Mcrum (4/11/2006)Now that QBI 3 is released is there a timeframe for Remote Web. As you can see I am anxious :smiley:

Hello, I’m one of the developers that will be working on the WBI web browser interface, what we are working on right now is the final utility before we turn to WBI which isthe import utility for AyaNova as per the roadmap:

Once that’s out then work will commence on the WBI optional remote access for web browsers. The roadmap page I linked to is where we put our best guess as to time frames and it’s updated immediately as circumstances change for the better or worse so it’s your best source of what we predict at any given time.

The current estimate is summer 2006, I know that’s pretty vague, but we really don’t have a firm idea of how long it will take exactly as we are going to be using some new tools for developing the web browser interface and there will be a learning curve with them.

In theory it should go quite quickly since the new tools are designed exactly for faster development andAyaNova for windows is built on the same business object library that the web interface will be built on so once we are confident about how we are going to go about it, it’s really a matter of just translating what is already in the windows interface into a web interface. The “dirty” part is already done in the business object library, we just need to wrap a web interface around that.

Of course a web interface is much more limited in what it can do so we will in many cases have to find the best possible way of doing any particular thing to match as close as possible to the windows interface but keeping in mind performance and compatibility etc.

When we wrote theoriginal AyaNova web interface we not only wrote the interface but we wrote the web server itself which is a pretty big task, this time around we are writing for Microsoft IIS ASP.NET so a lot of the work is done already and we can focus on the application itself which in my mind will speed up development considerably.

Note that you can currently run AyaNova remotely over the internet using the DataPortal utilityhowever a windows client is required at the remote end so it’s different than the web browser interface which is useful if you are onsite (for example) and can’t install any software at the computer you want to use to work with AyaNova.

Unfortunately there is just no way to give an accurate estimate when it comes to software development, many have tried (I’m looking at you Microsoft Vista :slight_smile: ) but in the end we’ve always found it to be more realistic to give a general idea than to try to rush a product out the door on an artificial timeframe.

We will update the “roadmap” just as soon as we have any kind of a better estimate, and that will likely be just as soon as we have the skeleton of the WBI application completed and have filled inenough of the forms to have an idea of the size of the task at hand,we will of course email out a newsletter to all existing clients when it is available.

Do you have a better idea on the time frame for release of the WBI?

If you need a beta tester, I can help.


We are presently finalizing the AyaNova v3.2 maintenance release that has included a re-write to include the feature to save filters (similar to AyaNova CE’s “views”), compatibility with Microsoft.NET Framework 2 in preparation of the optional web browser interface, and will address known issues. All utilities (QBI v3, Data Portal, CE Import, etc) will also be reworked for compatibly and tested before release. We are guess-timating release end of June/beginning of July for AyaNova v3.2 and the compatible utilities. (Do note there is no licensing charge to move to 3.2 from 3.1.7 as this will be considered a “maintenance” update for v3.1.7 users)

Once AyaNova v3.2 and the other utilities are released, we will return to development on the optional web browser interface WBI v3 (had already begun development as also included AyaNova v3’s required needs for compatibility). A set release date is not available at this time – a guess-timate would be between 1 month and 3 months after AyaNova v3.2 release as much depends on development and testing.

We will be posting on the AyaNova v3 Road Map with updated released datesand will be contacting all licensed AyaNova users via direct email as we release.

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Just wanted to post an update to development of WBI (web browser interface)

After release of AyaNova v3.2, we have been diligently devoting development time tothe optional add-on web browser interface, in addition to providing maintenance updates and our email and forum support.

We do not have a release date at this time for WBI, but as identified in other posts regarding WBI, we will be posting on the AyaNova web site, this AyaNova Support Forum as well as contacting licensed AyaNova users directly as soon as the optional WBI is released.

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Just checking on the status. I originally purchased Ayanova because it was originally stated that the web interface would be out in Spring 2006. It is months later, and I still have not seen it.

I plan on buying it once it is available, but for now, is there any chance that you may need a beta tester?


Dan Eastburn, CBET

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Hi Dan

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming new optional add-on. We do have a list of AyaNova users that have contacted us to be beta testers when we are at that stage. I’ve placed your email address on that list. As in the forum topic above, we’ve been in development on WBI for the past couple of months and are making great head way. We do not state set release dates, as that may force a release of a product before it is ready. Due to issues that arose with speed and restrictions on what could be utilized in WBI, we’ve had to change the guess-timated release date so that we could improve speed and provide the features of AyaNova via WBI - both which are important to AyaNova users. We’ll be posting here more information about the beta, and the full WBI as soon as we can.

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