RESOLVED: Issue with exporting/importing locale (your language file)

Here’s a scenario to give an example:

AyaNova database in use live right now is 8)
At some time in the past, a custom locale was created in an older version of AyaNova (i.e. AyaNova 7.0.1, AyaNova 6.6, AyaNova 5.1, etc)
That locale from that older version was exported to a file.
And then now, that older AyaNova version locale file was imported into AyaNova 8)

Because that exported locale file was created with an older version of AyaNova, that locale file would be missing Keys for new fields and features that are now available in AyaNova 8)

If you import that older locale into a newer AyaNova, and set users to use that older locale in their user entry screen -> the next time those users log in, some features will show using the unlocalized wording.

example: in the Inventory navigation pane, the Adjustments Items grid will instead display with UI.Go.Inventory.PartInventoryAdjustmentsDetailed.

This issue has been resolved with AyaNova 9)